ILIAD Antik is a World Class purveyor of Austro-Hungarian Biedermeier, French Art Deco and Art Moderne Furniture; our Contemporary Art collection features important works by emerging and mid-career artists.
Contemporary works by featured artists are presented in context with sophisticated, art historical pieces in an evocative salon setting. Sleek, elegant, and exemplary - superlative furniture is balanced by an impressive collection of Asian Arts, 20th Century Design, and Contemporary works of Art inspiring a new collecting sensibility and vision. Embracing the verve of Modernism with a distinct signature style, Iliad’s breadth of creative vision spans epochs of the human experience, presenting furniture, fine art, and decorative arts, both ancient and modern as dramatically woven narratives. Where Classicism meets Modernism, our collection continues to serve as a premier source for private collectors, art advisors, architects and leading interior designers.