Early Wares - Forms

FO 21620
Green Glazed Censor (Lian)
Decorated in low relief with animals and foliage Condition: Minor chips and flakes
Eastern Han Dynasty, circa AD 25
7"h x 9.2"w x 9.2"d 

FO 21566
Green Glazed Ceramic Ding-Form Vessel and Cover
Green glazed red earthenware vessel with two handles and standing on three legs. Cover with molded decoration of two crossed fish and band of scrollwork around resembling clouds.
Eastern Han Dynasty, 1st century AD
8"h x 8"w x 8"d 

FO 21547
'Hare's Fur' Glazed Bowl
(with Gilt Lacquer Repair). Provenance: previously in the Collection of Dr. Brian Salzberg, Philadelphia, PA.
Jianware, Fujian Province, Song Dynasty (960-1279)
2.75"h x 7.2"w x 7.2"d 

FO 21517
Blue and White Jar
with Strap Handles
Swatow Ware
China, 17th century
10.5"h x 8"w x 8"d 

FO 21477
Large White Glazed Ovoid Ewer
Glazed Stoneware
Tang dynasty, 7th or 8th century, Henan or Hebei Province
15.2"h x 11"w x 11"d 

FO 21472
Granary with Figural Stopper
Earthenware and Pigments TL Certificate
Western Han Dynasty 202 BCE - 9 CE
19"h x 12"w x 12"d 

FO 21403
An exceptional green glaze watchtower
with archers and turtle basin
Eastern Han Dynasty c. 25 - 220 CE
27.2"h x 16.1"w x 16.1"d 

FO 21388
An exceptional Qinbai Vase
Song Dynasty, 960-1127 CE
14.6"h x 7.9"w x 7.9"d 

FO 21387
An exceptional stoneware jar
Yellow-green glaze with ring handles ribbed body, and impressed detail
Warring States period, 475 - 221 BCE
11.4"h x 15.3"w x 15.3"d 

FO 21386
A carved dark grey pottery amphora
with bronze conical appliques and incised detail
Western Han Dynasty, 206 BCE - AD 24
12.6"h x 11.8"w x 10.2"d 

FO 21363
An unusual Buddhist offering jar
Earthenware with trace pigments
Lotus finial with incised detail and relief figuring
Yunnan province, 10-12 century CE
10.6"h x 7.1"w x 7.1"d