“I am fascinated with making the invisible visible. Emanation, movement, feeling, thought; I create imagery that attempts to reveal what is hidden beneath the ground, or whirling in the air, suggesting a suffusive presence underlying phenomena that captivates and intoxicates the senses. In the past decade, I have turned almost exclusively to the medium of mosaic as a method for creating visual narrative. My inclinations are towards allegory. Metaphors are unearthed in my work, emerging from a deep interest in foundational tales and mythologies that encompass our collective ideas about the world, reflecting a sense of who we are and where we come from. In my process, I have developed a method using glazed ceramic and glass as wall reliefs. Clay is worked into forms and fired, then glazed, and finally set into a realm of glass tessera. I find the tactile, luminous nature of this material compelling - on the wall the vitreous surface of glaze and glass interact and dance with the light. I am drawn to the timeless quality of a material that is so evidently made by hand, standing in contrast to the plethora of mass production that pervades our visual environment.”


AZ 22491
The Watchers
Andrea Zemel
Glass mosaic and glazed ceramic
25.5"h x 25.5"w

AZ 22085
Dreamer, 2011
Andrea Zemel
Glazed ceramic & glass mosaic
Signed on reverse
40.0"h x 40.0"w x 2.0"d

AZ 21454
Andrea Zemel, 2009
Beehive Brain: Writing on the Wall series, glazed ceramic and glass mosaic
Stamped and dated lower right
36.5"h x 36.5"w x 3.0"d

AZ 22075
Standing Waves, 2010
Andrea Zemel
Glass mosaic on panel
Signed on reverse
12.0"h x 12.0"w x 2.0"d

AZ 21264
Andrea Zemel, 2005
Beehive Brain series, glazed ceramic and glass mosaic
Signed on reverse
13.5"h x 13.5"w x 3.7"d