COLLECTION Philippe Friedberger

Philippe Friedberger’s syntax is in keeping with the great tradition of abstract painting that emerged during the fifties; however, it encompasses structural changes unique to him which make him more than a simple continuator. Representational to begin with and then ambivalent, with plenty of landscapes, abstract scenes with streaked shapes, his painting naturally tends towards a gestural abstraction that is both obvious ad concerted, emphasized by the virtues of a dominating geometry.

He excelled at line drawing at a very early age and reinforced his vocation within the studio of painter Souverbie before joining the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, studying under Gromaire, learning tapestry work alongside Lurçat and Picart le Doux. After that, professional activities forced him to give up the stimulating peace and quiet of his studio but without breaking his links with painting which he continued to pursue alongside his regular employment.

Now, having been a full-time painter for twenty years or so, armed with the diversity of his experiences and the fervor of his beliefs, he tirelessly pursues the search for the most abstract form and the most supreme color, firmly anchored within his time, by cultivating his independence and the specific features of his vision.



Philippe Friedberger