CH 20672
A set of four Art Deco side chairs
Rosewood veneer with brass sabots
France, c.1930
37"h x 20.1"w x 22"d 

CH 21776
A set of four post-Modernist chairs by Kusch & Co
Design by Hans Ullrich Bitsch
With chromed metal and stainless steel mesh
West Germany c. 1982
31.5"h x 20.5"w x 19.5"d 

CH 21611
A set of six modernist dining chairs
Solid Mahogany
France c.1940
39.4"h x 18.1"w x 22"d 

CH 20733
An elegant single Biedermeier side chair
Walnut veneer with fine maple inlays and marquetry Fabric by B. Berger
Hungary, c.1830-35
37.8"h x 19.7"w x 19.7"d 

CH 21002
A pair of petite Art Deco side chairs
Walnut veneer with brass detailing
France, c.1925-30
34.7"h x 18.5"w x 18.1"d 

CH 21003
A set of eight Art Deco dining chairs
by Batistin Spade
Solid cherry with turned tapered leg and brass sabots
France, c. 1935-40
36.6"h x 17.7"w x 20.5"d 

CH 21796
A set of 6 Art Deco chairs by Dominique
crafted in tinted beech with brass mounts
French, ca. 1945
34.8"h x 17.8"w x 18.5"d 

CH 21071
A set of six Art Deco dining chairs after Leleu
Tinted beech
France, c.1930
32.3"h x 18.9"w x 20.1"d