BIEDERMEIER Sofas & Benches

SF 22606
An exceptional Biedermeier sofa attributed to Josef Danhauser
Book-matched walnut veneer
Vienna, ca. 1825
36.6"h x 74.8"w x 19.6"d 

SF 22596
A handsome pair of Biedermeier benches
Mahogany veneer
Germany, c. 1830
25.5"h x 31"w x 15.75"d 

SF 20497
A classic Biedermeier daybed
Walnut veneer and maple details, with flanking pairs of ebonized Doric columns atop block foot
Vienna, c.1825
35.4"h x 75.6"w x 34.7"d 

SF 21324
A Biedermeier bench
by Josef Danhauser
Cherry veneer with mahogany lines
Austria, c.1825-30
37.8"h x 58.3"w x 24.4"d 

SF 21119
An unusual demi-lune Neoclassical revival library bench
Solid cherry with carved and gilt detail and cane seat
France, c.1860
35.4"h x 104.3"w x 39.4"d 

SF 20550
A petite Biedermeier elliptical sofa
Walnut veneer with ebonized Doric columns and block feet
Austria, c.1830-40
37.8"h x 63"w x 25.6"d 

SF 20492
A neo-classical style daybed
Walnut veneer with herring-bone parquetry and ebonized detailing
Austria, c.1880
31.5"h x 82.7"w x 39.8"d 

SF 20328
A classic Biedermeier elliptical sofa
Bookmatched walnut veneer with scroll insets and block feet
Austria, c.1830
37.5"h x 60"w x 25.5"d 

SF 10283
A Biedermeier sofa
Bookmatched walnut veneer
Austria, c.1830
39"h x 64"w x 26"d 

SF 10152
Biedermeier sofa bench
Cherry veneer with carved medallion detailing and curved legs
Austria, c.1825
42.8"h x 64"w x 23.5"d