DECORATIVE ARTS Decorative Painting, Screens & Tapestries

WA 22578
Raven and Lotus
Raven and Lotus. A two-panel folding screen A raven foraging near a pond among eggplants and potato field. Signed Shumpo with a read square artist seal. Ink and mineral colors on silk.
Japan, ca 1930's
65.5"h x 72.5"w x 0"d 

ST 22420
Birds and Flowering Trees
Artist of the Nagasaki School
Two-panel folding screen. Three birds in flowering trees, painting in ink and mineral colors on silk. Mounted with a silver leaf and silk brocade border.
Edo Period (1615-1868), ca 1800, Japan
61.5"h x 52"w x 0"d 

ST 21696
A pair of silver leaf panels
Silver leaf on paper, set in ebonized wooden frame. Meiji-Taisho Period Ca. Early 20th Century
23.6"h x 12.4"w x 0"d 

ST 21657
Lacquer Screen
Lacquered wood with incised gilt calligraphy comprised of eight panels resting on square, brass covered feet. Each decorated with carved calligraphy. Each panel is a separate composition by different authors or reminiscences of pleasant gardens and the benefits of life in nature.
Chinese, c. 1900
96"h x 144"w x 0"d