Modernism is both an ideal and an aspiration. Like the classical cannon, its vitality springs eternal in a fresh, and self-possessed exuberance and naked elegance. Proclaimed the “modern” furniture of their respective eras, fine examples of the Biedermeier and Art Deco styles can evoke such conversation. Likewise, for the connoisseur, what is most exciting about a select piece of Biedermeier or Art Deco is the communication that can occur between the world of the senses and the world of ideals; a communication that can reveal the “spirit of the age” through a genre or an object. This is the idea of “quintessence;” it is what a collector covets about an acquisition and what gives an object cultural and aesthetic value. By achieving a superlative aesthetic standard in the presentation of Biedermeier, ILIAD strives towards a realization of the quintessential character of our furniture.